von der Accent- Bitola

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The idea for setting up this kennel derived from the many years of friendship among Gorgi Bechvarovski, Vangel Siljanov and Juksel Sulejmani and theirjoint activities in raising German Shepard dogs and visiting shows where this famous breed is exhibited.

The very beginnings of the kennel can be traced when Gorgi Bechavarovski took the female dog Enga Aureus Mons   in 1995. This dog achieved great results at shows organized in the Republic of Macedonia and she has laid the foundations for German Shepard raising. Juksel Sulejmani bought the male dog named Zambi vom Haus Milesevac in 1993 who in the course of the nest 10 years had over 50 matings and left a remarkable trace in this breed's raising in the Republic of Macedonia. Because of our wish to improve the raising and to make our hobby grow into something bigger and more serious, we decided to register this kennel, o that we could more easily follow the dogs from our kennel at dog shows. We would like the dogs from our kennel, by means of positive selection, to represent good examples of German Shepard dogs, in terms of exterior and characteristic features of this breed. The name ' von der Accent - Bitola ' came logically, since we go to dog shows by Gorgi Bechvarovski's car – Hyndai Accent. The third member of this little expedition from Bitola is Vangel Siljanov who exhibited his dog Lord - Badi at every show we have so far visited.

For the purpose of achieving our objective, Juksel Sulejmani bought Dr. No vom Bombonini / Nobody vom Baisellsberg & Evi von der Spieserstrasse / in 2004, who became SG 2 , youth class at the ' CACIB' Beograd - 2005 / judge Rade Plibersek –Slovenia /, at the specialized dog shows of German Shepards in Novi Sad / judge Mr Karl Hans – Germany / and Balkanika in Sofia / judge Mr Helmut Konig – Germany / in the calss between 12 and 18 months it was SG 1 , and in Jagodina, Serbia / judge Mr Peter Arth – Germany / – SG 2 . The biggest success he achieved at the Championship of Serbia and Montenegro for German Shepard dogs, held in Panchevo /judge Leonard Schweikert – Germany/ w here among 21 dogs in the class between 18 and 24 months, he was ranked SG 1.

Gorgi Bechvarovski bought the female dog Venga Mak Partner / Karat ‘ s Ulk & Fina Mak Partner in 2005. Vangel Siljanov's male Lord Badi has won SG 3 at the Balkanika in Sofia / judge Mr Helmut Konig – Germany / 12 – 18 months, and in the course of the year 2005 - PRM , 3x CAC and CACIB and 2x R.CACIB. At the Championship in Panchevo, Serbia held on September 17 th , 2006 , Siljanov participated with the female dog Lea , 6-9 moths class and she was graded highly perspective . We hope that with these dogs we do have a good potential for a successful start in achieving our aim – a German Shepard with the looks and body to be the pride of every breeder.